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3 Day RADification Cleanse

Learn about the Radbot 3 Day Cleanse!


Nov 7, 2016!


12 Organic Juices, 3 Organic Detox Waters, 3 Alkaline pH Waters, 3 RadBot Organic Snack-Packs, 1 RadBot RADifier

Increase Energy  | Boost Immunity  | Reduce Inflammation |  Clean Out  |  Feel Great!

Reward your body, health, and well-being. Our 3 Day RADification Cleanse is a transformational step to feeling your best.  Never cleanse? Have no fear!  We mitigate suffering by including brain boosting “milks,” organic raw nuts, and our killer Radifier supplement to pull you through.  Be RAD, lean in, and turn up your awesome!


How do I order and receive my 3 Day Radification Cleanse?
It’s so easy!  We offer the cleanse every week  for a MONDAY or THURSDAY start. Pre-ordering is required by the Thursday before your Monday cleanse start, or the Monday before your Thursday cleanse start.  You will pick up your entire 3 day cleanse in the early morning of your first day.  For this reason, you will need to plan to refrigerate your cleanse immediately upon pick up. Don’t forget to fill out the release form- we need this to process your order. Pickup location will be at the 4th Street Market 201 East 4th Street, Santa Ana, Ca 92701. (More locations coming soon!)

What's in the cleanse?
  • 9 Organic Juices: organic and cold-pressed (Green Blast, i Of The tiger, The Remedy, Beet Street)
  • 3 Organic Solidarity Nut Milks: cacao, coconut, nuts, hemp seeds, dates
  • 3 Organic Detox Waters: lemon, maple, cayenne, essential oil blend
  • 3 Alkaline pH Waters: hydrating alkalized 9.5 pH, ionized, purified
  • 3 Organic RadBot SnackPacks: organic mixed nuts for a healthy brain
  • 1 RadBot Radifier: tincture of herbs and essential oils to boost energy and brain.


Will I be fasting during this program?

 No. This is not a fast, nor is it a colon cleanse. You will be drinking plenty of juices and eating nuts that will keep you full. You can also eat raw plant based food if need be. (Avocado with sea salt? Sure!)

What food should I avoid during my cleanse?

We encourage you to avoid: dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, grains,  flours, breads, animal products, caffeine, alcohol.  You may feel a slight withdrawal in the first few days if you are giving up a lot of caffeine or sugar.

Should I stop taking my prescription medications or regular vitamins during the cleanse?

No. You should not stop any medications prescribed vitamins unless you are told to do so by your healthcare provider.  Please consult talk to your provider for any further advise on cleansing with medications. We encourage multi-vitamins and other nutrients to help meet your daily requirements.

Can I do this program if I have hypoglycemia or diabetes?

We urge you to ask your professional healthcare provider if our cleanse is right for you. 

Will I lose Weight?

This detox program is not solely designed to be a weight loss program. However, many people lose weight during their 3 day cleanse program. Some of the reasons for this weight loss include: lower than usual caloric intake due to having juices, taking sugar out the diet, decreased consumption of allergenic foods such as wheat and dairy, increased awareness around any emotional issues, and the release of toxins from fat stores. 

What do I eat after the cleanse?

Ease your way back. The cleanse is a perfect opportunity to reset the way you eat for a healthier more energetic you!  Start with meals that are 80% veggies, and 20% grains or organic meats. Don’t forget, your brain needs fat- Coconut oil, olive oils, nuts, seeds  are excellent sources. Continue to keep hydrated.  Consider continuing the elimination or moderation of  dairy, sugar, artificial sweeteners, white flours/breads, and processed animal products.

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